Winter Wonderland



My hiatus is over! I promise. I wanted to first say I MOVED TO CHICAGO!! This Miami girl has been taking winter head on and what an amazing move it has been. I am so happy to call Chicago my new home. I’m so excited for where my blog is heading from here and I hope you are too. I want to incorporate more travel and food post but always remain to my true passion-fashion and beauty. I have so many ideas to come! I can’t wait to post more winter themed this season. Any winter girls have fashion tips for these nippy times? I still figuring out how to incorporate my style with dressing  warm.

For my outfit today I kept it neutral with some cute layering. As you may know by now, I live for texture in my outfits. My socks have a ribbed texture that goes great with my sheer tights and velvet feeling jacket.

I am so excited for what this year brings! I hope you join me for the ride.
If you live in Chicago, I would love suggestions on what to do, where to eat, what are the coolest places around?

till next time,

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