Winter Skin Care Routine


My number one beauty tip is to take care of your skin! You are only given one skin in life. My number one tip is drink a lot of water. Water is so healthy for your skin. I try to drink one glass of water before I do makeup so my face looks nice and plump. The winter season it is very important to remember to cleanse and hdyrate .

Background: I have oily to normal acne prone skin. For the most part, I have clear skin.

 Neutrogena Skin Polish Acne Cleanser:  This is my day and night cleanser. I notice a significant difference in my skin when I am breaking out. It doesn’t leave my skin drying after using and makes it feel fresh and clean.

Simple Smoothing Facial Scrub: This is a great exfoliator, the beads are not too harsh so your skin doesn’t feel like its being rubbed with sand paper. I use this about 3 times a week and especially after a long week of wearing makeup.

Simple Cleaning Facial Wipes: These are my all time favorite makeup wipes. I’ve gone through at-least 10 packs of these. I have nothing else to say except they are fantastic.

Simple Cleansing Micellar Water: I mentioned this product in my October Favorites, but I like to use this product in the morning before washing my face to remove any excess makeup from the day before.

Proactiv Refining Mask:  This is product is fairly new in my routine. I enjoy using this product when my skin is going through a tough time and it really deep cleanses my skin.

Nourish Organic Eye Cream: I mentioned this product in my November favorites and I apply it before my makeup for a smooth surface.

Alba Green Tea Eye Gel: This is a product in my skin care stash that I use on and off, but I’m back to using it. I apply it at night before going to bed. It leaves my under eyes smooth and hydrated.

Mitchell and Peach Face Radiance Oil: I use this product underneath my moisturizers and it gives my skin a nice and suttle glow.

Neutorgena Oil Free SPF 15 Lotion: I use this product during the day after washing my face and before applying my makeup. It is lightweight and perfect all day use. It is important to wear SPF underneath makeup to protect from sun rays.

Ponds Dry Skin Cream: Even tho I have oily skin, I like using this cream at night to hydrate my skin. It brings back my natural moisture after a day of trying to keep my face matte.  A little goes a long way and this product has lasted me along time.

What are your favorite skin care products? I am always looking for new ones to try out!

Have a happy day,

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