Style Me with a Tee

TEETEE-2 Tee-5 TEE-4 Tee-5

The graphic tee is an article of clothing everyone has at least five of hanging in their closet. It’s a form of saying this is my lazy outfit, but I’m here to stop that trend and say you can dress up any graphic tee.

For today’s look I dressed my tee by going for a classy sporty look. This look is centered by this tee that reads “Are You in a Film or in a Reality.”  I layered the outfit with a light bomber jacket. I love this jacket because it adds a 1950s Grease vibe, and nothing feels better than feeling like a Pink Lady. Next is these high-wasted shorts. It’s hard to note in the pictures, but my shorts have embroidered detailing which adds a feminine touch to my outfit.

My finishing touches included my white high-top converses that enhance the classic look and my favorite pair of round sunglasses. This look proves how much fun it can be to dress a simple graphic tee-shirt.

Shop my outfit:

Let’s talk in the comments section! What saying or design is on your favorite tee? How do you like to dress it up?

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